I'm Josi and I'm 18. I just really like surf punk and cheeseburgers. (I wish everyone was a flower because maybe then they wouldn't be so fucking sad.)

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Like real talk rn Gabe only helped Carter because he wants to get w her and feels entitled to her. He ACTUALLY said “I’m inevitable.” 2sleazy

2b real again idk why fans hate Carter like she a bad bitch she do drugs she disobeys her (understandably) controlling biological mother she has cool frnds damn I wanna be Carter I wish someone kidnapped me when IIIII was three years old.
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Bird and Carter were about to kill each other and you are talking about getting out of the friend zone? BITCH BYEEE Gabe you ain’t shit

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Has anyone ever told you that you kinda look like a more handsome kit Harrington


Surprisingly a lot of people have made Jon Snow jokes the past little while, thank you though this is awesome

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God punishes us all when he gives hella bone structures to skinny boys :( Get ur frail bodies out of my sight.

Ur kind of bein a bad frnd by ignoring me but hey if im not as good as ur college frnds then enjoi the CDs I’ll nevr make u :))

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My friends can like The Frights as long as they acknowledge that I am the og and will always love this stupid band more than they are even capable of.